Store Decor Can Increase Sales!


Make sure your store decor gives a good first impression!

Take a moment to look around you. Imagine you are walking through the doors of your business for the very first time. Do you like what you see? Is your store decor lacking something? Have your customers started to dwindle? Are you seeing less and less new customers? If any of these apply to your situation, let’s take a look at a few ideas that could help you.

Most of the time your store speaks to the customer before you do. I know that sounds a little crazy, but think about it for a second. As soon as a customer steps through the door they are taking in everything they see. If they see the same thing over and over it’s going to stop peaking their interest after a while. It’s time to shake things up a bit!

Adding a new look to your store decor doesn’t have to be hard or costly. Something as simple as a few potted plants sitting on wire displays can mean the difference between customers continuing into the store or turning around. Plants and flowers are the easiest way to decorate as there are so many to choose from for every season. Place a a Metal Bicycle Plant Display holding in season flowers at your entryway to create a warm welcome.

Don’t just stop at the entryway though! You’ve got them through the door, now keep them in the store by adding pieces here and there. This keeps your patrons looking for more. Place pedestals in various places and use them to showcase your products. Use Bamboo Screen Dividers to separate different sections of your store. You can even use screen dividers as merchandisers. Do you carry the latest fashions? Simple hang a snazzy new outfit on a divider screen to catch the eye of a potential buyer.

Candy displays can also be coordinated to your store decor. With a vast selection of candy containers and dispensers, you could create a candy oasis that customers won’t be able to resist. Use colored candies that fit the season or upcoming holiday to decorate with. For Autumn, Halloween and Thanksgiving use black, brown, orange, and yellow candies. Christmas, New Year’s, and Winter colors could be green, red, silver, and white. The possibilities go on and on!

Not only can you do an overhaul on your store decor, you can use the items you add as merchandise as well. Nothing says you can’t sale your store decor pieces. Make them a part of your inventory, use them to lure customers in, and profit from these pieces all at once.

Candy Concepts Inc. carries most of your store decor needs and much more. Check us out today. You never know what you may discover!

Halloween Candy Is On The Way!


Spooky! Gooey! Scarey! Fun! Tasty! Halloween Candy is here!

As the leaves start to change colors, the days get shorter, and the temperature gets cooler, you know that fall is coming. And that means Halloween is on it’s way! Halloween candy is always a favorite and now these candies are waiting to be added to your inventory! From retail displays to trick-or-treat guests, Halloween candy is a necessity for this time of year.

Retail Displays

Halloween-Candy-reeses-peanut-butter-pumpkins-1BIt’s almost time to get your Halloween displays going. Well, here at Candy Concepts Inc. we have all your Halloween candy waiting for you. From Hello Kitty Vampire Bats to Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins to Zombie Gummies, your Halloween candy aisle can be the hot spot of the season! Are you looking to increase your impulse sales? Add these spooky candies and many more to your checkout or countertop for profits that soar as high as ghosts.

Halloween Parties

No matter if you’re throwing a company party or a private party, setting up a Halloween themed candy buffet is a must! If you are looking for mainly black and orange Halloween Candy for your party, checkout our candy by color section. Create the ideal candy buffet or table for your event today. Don’t forget the traditional candies such as Candy Corn and Sixlets as party of your Halloween theme.


“Knock! Knock! Trick-or-treat! Give us something good to eat!” Have no worries! You will have plenty of sweet treats on hand with the wide variety we have to offer. Children absolutely love discovering new and exciting candies in their treat bags. Halloween candy has never been more fun! Toss some Zombie Blood or Blood Energy Potion into their waiting bags. Milk Chocolate Crisp Eyeballs and Jack O’Lanterns are sure to be a new favorite. Don’t forget today’s favorite licensed character favorites such as Hello Kitty, and Mickey Mouse. Kids of all ages will be so excited and impressed that your house will be on their trick-or-treat list for next year!

One Last Reminder

Halloween-Candy-ScoopsNo matter if it’s a retail display, candy display, Halloween party, or just handing out goodies to trick-or-treaters, one final touch that can make you the one to remember is scoops. Yes, scoops! Color coordinating your Halloween candy with a colored scoop will leave a lasting impression. There several colors for you to choose from when selecting just the right serving scoop. So go sneak a peek at the colored scoops.

I almost forgot. Have a safe and very Happy Halloween from all of us here at Candy Concepts Inc.!

Wire Display Racks Increase Sales

Wire-Display-Racks-CCI-Blog-Header-Image-1AWire Display Racks Help Increase Your Sales!

Does your display need a makeover? Let wire display racks assist you with that project! With a variety of styles, colors, and purposes, wire display racks have come a long way. Regardless if you are a small business or a retail owner, your displays will pay off and thank you!

Candy Displays

Wire-Display-Racks-CCI-Blog-Premium-Candy-Display-Rack-1aShowing off candy on a brand new wire display rack will have customers rushing to see what other changes you’ve made. For candies that come in their own boxes, choose a wire display such as one of the Premium Candy Display Racks. With multi-positioning shelves, this merchandiser is ideal for safely holding all of your boxed candy. Freestanding with locking casters, you can place these candy display racks exactly where you need them the most.

If you display your candy in containers, revamp your display by choosing the Hex Short Stack Rack. These wire display racks come in either black or white and include 16 hexagon plastic containers with lids. Fill each container with a different colored candy and your display will lure customers in for a closer look!

Bakery DisplaysWire-Display-Racks-CCI-Blog-Rolling-Bakery-Merchandiser-1a

Everybody loves the smell of freshly baked goods! Draw customers in with the mouth-watering aroma of fresh baked breads, cookies, pies, and more. Then hook the sale with a mind-blowing display. Just bake those goodies, place them on a display such as the Rolling Bakery Merchandiser, and watch your delicious treasures bring in the money. If you want wire display racks that are stationary, no worries, we carry those at Candy Concepts Inc. as well. Regardless of what you’re looking for to step up your display, you’re sure to find the perfect wire display rack!

These are just a couple examples of the many uses for wire display racks. There are many more styles available and even more uses possible. Just check out the Wire Display Racks category on Candy Concepts Inc. to see these items and much more!

Rotating Displays Grab Attention!

Rotating Displays Put A Whole New Spin On Your Products!

Rotating-Displays-CCI-Blog-Header-ImageRegardless if they rotate on their own or if they spin manually, rotating displays are a fun and creative way to showcase your products. Customers young and old are drawn to rotating displays. There is a wide variety of these spinning merchandisers available in today’s market. Do you need more display area but are running low on floor space? Don’t worry, adding a slim rotating display can assist you with your problem! Maybe you have way more costume jewelry in your order than you were expecting. Placing a divided counter top tray to your jewelry counter will allow you to showcase these lovely products. No matter what business you are in, having a few rotating displays on hand will only benefit your and your business.

Clip Spinners

Rotating-Displays-CCI-Blog-Revolving-Clip-Floor-RackClip and peg hook spinners are a fabulous way to showcase items such as chips, bagged candies, and more! These rotating displays allow your customers to spin them to see what you have available. You can also use the peg hook displays for jewelry, makeup, certain toys, etc. Tall and slim, you can place these displays nearly anywhere! No matter how you decide to use these wonderfully constructed rotating displays, your sure to make a sale.

Rotating Bin DisplaysRotating-Displays-CCI-Blog-4-Way-Spinner

If you are looking for a way to show off larger items such as socks, loose toys, scarves, etc. then investing in a few rotating bin displays is wise option. Available in many different varieties of metal buckets, clear bowls, and basket style bins, these displays are definitely attention grabbers. The clear bowl rotating displays would look wonderful filled with candies of all colors. Use the metal bucket style for items like crayons, markers, and other school supplies. Place a basket style display at your check out to highlight those impulse items. Your rotating displays will need to be refilled often!

The list of available rotating displays goes on and on. However, you can check out these displays and more at Candy Concepts Inc.

Happy Shopping And Creating!

Back To School Time Is Here!

Back-To-School-CCI-Blog-Header-PicIt’s back to school time again!

It’s that time of year when most parents breathe a sigh of relief and schools are preparing for the first day. Principals are walking the halls making sure everything is as it should be. Custodians are bustling to finish their summer cleaning. Teachers and their assistants are planning out their classroom layouts, bulletin boards, rosters, and organization. With so much going on, why not make it a little easier? Let’s take a look at a few ways that can help with the back to school craziness!


An organized classroom is more important that some may realize. Nothing could be worse than being in the middle of a lesson and not finding what you need. Are you looking for a stylish, yet simple way to keep all of your supplies right where you need them? Then check out the Pegboard Organizer Kits we have available. These amazing kits are the perfect solution to your back to school organization troubles.

These pegboard organizer kits can hold items such as:Back-To-School-CCI-Blog-Pegboard-Kit

  • Crayons/Markers
  • Pens/Pencils
  • Scissors/Stickers
  • Paperclips/Pushpins
  • And much more!

 Arts & Crafts

Back-To-School-CCI-Blog-6-Tier-Paper-RackArts and crafts in schools have huge impact on children. Regardless if they get art time in their regular classroom or in the art class, children love to create! Keep supplies on hand are a must have. Paper racks are available in all sizes, from counter top to floor racks. Keep those sheets of colored construction paper neat and organized. If you need something that can be rolled in and out of the classroom, we have mobile craft supply racks as well. Get your arts and crafts supplies organized now before your back to school event!

 Party Favors

Most children are starting to get anxious waiting to find out if they got the teacher they wanted. Ease their anxiety by having Back-To-School-CCI-Blog-Tin-Pailstreasures on hand for your back to school “meet your teacher” day! Using items like miniature paint cans filled with candies coordinating with your school colors is sure to be a hit. We even have Tin Pails that you could fill with small items like erasers, stickers, pencils, and more! Not only will  your soon-to-be students be smiling, they will be ready when that first day arrives.

Going back to school doesn’t have to be a stressful event for students or staff. From elementary to high school and beyond, there are ways to make the transition to the new school year easier on everybody!

Check out these products and more at Candy Concepts Inc. One more thing. Good luck with your 2015-2016 school year!

Colored Candy Adds More Fun!


Colored Candy Allows For Creativity and Fun!

Colored candy is not only fun but can be used in many creative ways as well! Any store’s candy display would only benefit from from grouping colored candy together. You can also make your themed parties or events stand out above the rest with color coordinated candy. Let’s take a look at just a couple of the colors that are available.

Blue Colored Candy

Colored-Candy-CCI-Blog-blue-candy-for-buffet-1AOf course, any time we hear the color blue, we automatically think of boys and there is nothing wrong with that. Baby showers for boys can be wonderfully decorated with any shade of blue! While you’re at it, don’t forget the ever popular blue cigars! Give your retail candy display a peaceful atmosphere by lining your walls or shelves with all sorts of blue candies. Items like blue raspberry Gummi Bears or old-fashioned blueberry candy sticks will remind customers of the ocean with all it’s blueness! The calming and tranquil effect this amazing color will have on guests and customers is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Green Colored Candy

When we think of the color green, we think of money. That’s exactly what you will get with green colored candy! Your candy display Colored-Candy-CCI-Blog-green-colored-candy-1Afilled with green candies will have profits soaring through the roof. From flavors like lemon-lime, honeydew, and green apple, your colored candy display will have customers pouring through the door. Green colored candies are also great for Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day parties as well! Regardless of what you are using the vast varieties of green colored candy, your display is going to be the inspiration highlight of your town.

Other colors:

  • Assorted Color Combinations
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Silver
  • White
  • Yellow

Any and all of these colors can be used for an unlimited about of displays and events. From retail displays to fundraisers to awareness banquets to holiday parties, whatever you are planning, there is a colored candy or two or more out there from which to choose! Don’t forget to add color coordinating scoops as well.

For more fun ideas, candy selections, and display options, visit Candy Concepts Inc. today!

Scoops For Any Occasion!



We often forget how important scoops are until we are in need of one. Scoops can be used for nearly any item and they don’t have to be boring anymore! There are massive amounts of scoop varieties available in today’s market. From candy displays to ice to buffets, there is a scoop out there that is just right! Acrylic to wood, scoops come in all colors, shapes, and sizes.

Candy displays draw in large amounts of attention and sales whether it’s in a candy store, a retail store, a yogurt shop, etc. Now your scoops can match your display! You work on planning your candy layout, but Scoops-CCI-Blog-Clear-Scoop-1Bdon’t let the stress of choosing scoops give you a headache. Do you want to color coordinate? There are plastic scoops available in nearly every color! Perhaps you don’t want to distract from your display. Adding a clear plastic or acrylic scoop will allow customers to get the quantity of candy they want without distraction. Speaking of quantity, are you showing off smaller or larger candies? No worries! Scoops are available in different serving sizes as well. There are even square and round tips to choose from to assist your guests will filling up their candy bags. Sit back and watch as your candy sales go through the roof!

How many times have you been at a barbeque or family reunion and witnessed people sticking their hands into the cooler for ice? I have seen this firsthand and have to say “Gross!” Most of the time events that Scoops-CCI-Blog-Ice-Scoop-1Arequire ice are outside and who knows what may be hiding on the hands of others. Don’t stress it any longer! Purchase you an ice scoop to keep on hand. If the events normally happen at your house, get a scoop that is going to be durable and last a long time such as a 32 Ounce Clear Scoop to keep on hand. However, if you’re traveling to events at other places, it wouldn’t hurt to keep a few scoops with you! Just remember, these handy little creations are often left in the cooler so try to avoid metallic scoops! The ideal ice scoop would be made of plastic or acrylic. Save yourself from the shudders caused by others, and invest in some scoops today!

Candy buffets are popping up everywhere! Why is that? Because almost everybody loves candy! These beautiful displays are usually breathtaking and memorable. Place one, two, or a few scoops around your buffetScoops-CCI-Blog-Silver-And-Gold-Scoops table for guests to self-serve! Are you doing a fun candy display for a birthday party? Choose from the numerous colors of acrylic scoops to coordinate with your birthday party theme. Maybe you’re looking for something a little more elegant for a wedding reception buffet? Choosing colors such as clear, gold, or silver will add a touch of sophistication to any candy buffet. Liven up your event even more with serving scoops!

As stated earlier, scoops don’t have to be boring any longer. No matter what you need a scoop for, I’m sure you can find just what it is you are desiring! Don’t stop here. Keep browsing around until you located that perfect scoop!

Begin your search at Candy Concepts Inc. for scoops and even more fun products! Happy hunting!

Minions! Not Just In Theaters!

Minions-CCI-Blog-Header-Pic-1BMinions have arrived in theaters and now they’ve taken over the candy stores!

These adorable little yellow creatures are all the craze right now! That’s right, the Minions are here. I’m not just talking about on Earth or in theaters, Minions are now available in candy form! You’ll soon see their big eyes staring at you from all different heights and displays! From retail stores to convenience stores to birthday parties to pool parties, this summer it’s Minion Time!


Retail stores, now is the time to stock up on the numerous Minion candies and other novelties becoming available! Kids and adults are drawn to the adorable faces and funny quirks of these small, yellow creatures. Watch faces light up as they see items such as Minion Swirly or Spin Pops displayed on your shelves. Want a cool way to beat the heat? Add some candy filled Minion fans in your inventory. Those big eyes will draw customers, young and old, into a purchasing trance. Your profits are sure to soar through the roof like a rocket!

Minions-CCI-Blog-Sipper-Cups-1CParents, have your children been “brain napped” by these ever so clever lifeforms? Are they speaking in “Minionese” yet? Purchase some Minion Talkers with Candy and they are sure to be fluent in no time! Is your child begging for a Minion birthday party? We have you covered! With items like the Minion Fart Gun and Pez Dispenser, your child’s party will be the talk of the entire neighborhood. Send your miniature guests home with keepsakes like the Taffy filled Sipper Cup with Swirly Straw. Not only will they absolutely love the banana flavor Taffy (As all true Minions do!) but they’ll have a cup that’s all their own!

What started out as single-celled organisms has evolved into short, yellow creatures known as Minions! Big, goggled eyes, wonderful facial features, and a tendency to get in and out of trouble, these guys seem to have melted the hearts of all. Regardless of whether your are adding them to your store’s inventory or purchasing them for personal reasons, let the Minions bring even more joy and laughter into your lives!

For more Minion candies and other Licensed Characters, zip on over to Candy Concepts Inc today!

Gummi’s For Any Occasion!


Gummi’s make the perfect added treat for any occasion!

Regardless of what type of event or occasion you are planning, any style of candy is a wonderful added treat! However, who doesn’t love Gummi’s? Available in multiple shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors, these adorable little candies just add life to the party! Let’s take a look at just a few of the themes you can add Gummi candies too!

Pool Party/Beach Party

It’s that time of year when everybody is thinking about cooling off! Whether you’re throwing a pool party or an elaborately themed beach party, there’s a gummi candy waiting for you! A nice and refreshing treat for kids of all ages! Sweet or sour! No matter, what your guests like, you will have it covered with fun shapes such as:Gummi-Blog-CCI-Bait-Bucket-2A

  • FlipFlops
  • Fish
  • Lobsters
  • Sharks
  • Starfish and more!

Baby Shower or Gender Reveal Parties

Everybody looks forward to the timeless celebration of baby showers and the more modern party style of the “Gender Reveal” parties. Either celebration deserves some sweet and/or sour treats invited to the occasion. Gummi’s are the perfect +1 for these parties! If you’re doing a traditional baby shower, place baskets or decorative containers sitting around filled to the brim with Gummi Sour Pacifier available in 4 different flavored sour goodness! Throwing a “Gender Reveal” party? Not a problem. If your bundle of joy is a boy, use the Blue Raspberry Gummi Bears or Gummi Rings to add to your “It’s A Boy!” theme. Maybe you’re expecting a beautiful baby girl, no worries, there are gummi’s available for that too! Add some Pink Grapefruit or Purple Concord Grape flavored Gummi Bears to your decor. Looking for something a little different? Well, include some of the Pink Watermelon or Red Cherry Gummi Rings and your guests will be amazed and surprised by the soon-to-be arrival of your baby girl!

Themed Birthday Parties

Every child looks forward to their birthday party! With themes such as SpongeBob Square Pants, Hello Kitty, Angry Birds, and Super Mario; you can match gummi’s with your child’s favorite characters! These amazing and tasty gummi’s are sure to be a hit with your child and all of his or her friends! Who wouldn’t want to gobble down a Krabby Patty or a 3 Dee Yoshi?

4th of July

Gummi-Blog-CCI-Freedom-Bears-Flag-1BWith Independence Day being just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about barbeques! Well, your barbeques doesn’t have to stop at just hamburgers, hotdogs, steaks, chips, dip, and ice cream. Toss some Red, White, and Blue Gummi’s in for a special surprise! Freedom Gummi Bears in red, white, and blue are sure to be a hit with your guests. Arrange these adorable, yet edible, little bears in the shape of the American flag and watch the eyes of your guests’ pop open with amazement! Freedom Gummi Rings are another option to add into your fun day. Do you have military men and women in your circle of family and friends? Add some Military Gummi Heroes! You are definitely going to be praised for your remembrance!

Now remember, these are just a few of the themes you can use Gummi’s for! There are many more holidays, celebrations, or parties you can add too.

Visit for more Gummi ideas for your events!

Father’s Day is Upon Us!


Father’s Day is just around the corner!

Father’s Day brings in business for any retail store or shop! From family and friends that buy in advance to the last minute shoppers, no matter what style of customer, people will be looking for the perfect gift idea for the men in their lives. Bringing back beautiful memories is a gift that any man would love to receive and childhood candy favorites can do just that! With a wide array of nostalgic candies available, the ideal surprise for dad is right at your fingertips! Stores can put together an assortment candies to sell or even sell individually so the customer gets what they want! Either way, Father’s Day will offer a chance to take a walk down memory lane!

Dad. Daddy. Grandfather. Grandpa. Husband. Hubby. Honey. Regardless of what we call the special men in our lives their day will be here before we know it! Father’s Day is the perfect time to show our special guys how much we appreciate all they do. From first cuddles to “booboo” kisses to timeless wisdom; our men show us how they care in a multitude of ways. Well, there are all kinds of ways we can return the favor! Let’s talk about candy. Yes, I said candy! Why not give dad a step back through time with a basket or pail filled with sweet treats  from days-gone-by?

Combo Ideas

Candy Bars


Candy bars are a wonderful way to bring back memories for the special men in our lives! Toss in some candy bars from the past and there’s sure to be a smile on Dad’s face! With selections such as Slo Poke bars, Charleston Chews, and Toblerone, your special man will be drawn into yesteryear! Don’t forget about Sugar Babies or Goobers! These small bite-sized treats are tasty and can be savored longer! No matter what Dad’s favorite candy bar, you’re sure to find one that fits him just right!


Lollipops? Oh my! I think we all remember the lollipops of our childhoods. Astro Pops, Whirly Pops, Unicorn Pops, and the classic Tiger Pops are sure to leave that special man with an ear-to-ear smile! Is diabetes a problem? No worries! You can even find sugar free pops to add to Dad’s combo!

 Novelty Candies

Father's-Day-Atomic-Fireballs-L1Novelty candies are another superb addition! How many of us devoured Circus Peanuts? One of my favorite memories is sharing this delicious treat with my grandfather! A few more good additions to Dad’s Father’s Day combo would be Necco Wafers, Pixy Sticks, or Wax Candies. Does your special man enjoy a little more “fire” in his candy? Pitch in some Atomic Fireballs!


From candy bars to hard candies, to old fashioned candy, no matter what kind of treats your Dad enjoys, Father’s Day is sure to be a hit!

Visit today!