Scoops For Any Occasion!



We often forget how important scoops are until we are in need of one. Scoops can be used for nearly any item and they don’t have to be boring anymore! There are massive amounts of scoop varieties available in today’s market. From candy displays to ice to buffets, there is a scoop out there that is just right! Acrylic to wood, scoops come in all colors, shapes, and sizes.

Candy displays draw in large amounts of attention and sales whether it’s in a candy store, a retail store, a yogurt shop, etc. Now your scoops can match your display! You work on planning your candy layout, but Scoops-CCI-Blog-Clear-Scoop-1Bdon’t let the stress of choosing scoops give you a headache. Do you want to color coordinate? There are plastic scoops available in nearly every color! Perhaps you don’t want to distract from your display. Adding a clear plastic or acrylic scoop will allow customers to get the quantity of candy they want without distraction. Speaking of quantity, are you showing off smaller or larger candies? No worries! Scoops are available in different serving sizes as well. There are even square and round tips to choose from to assist your guests will filling up their candy bags. Sit back and watch as your candy sales go through the roof!

How many times have you been at a barbeque or family reunion and witnessed people sticking their hands into the cooler for ice? I have seen this firsthand and have to say “Gross!” Most of the time events that Scoops-CCI-Blog-Ice-Scoop-1Arequire ice are outside and who knows what may be hiding on the hands of others. Don’t stress it any longer! Purchase you an ice scoop to keep on hand. If the events normally happen at your house, get a scoop that is going to be durable and last a long time such as a 32 Ounce Clear Scoop to keep on hand. However, if you’re traveling to events at other places, it wouldn’t hurt to keep a few scoops with you! Just remember, these handy little creations are often left in the cooler so try to avoid metallic scoops! The ideal ice scoop would be made of plastic or acrylic. Save yourself from the shudders caused by others, and invest in some scoops today!

Candy buffets are popping up everywhere! Why is that? Because almost everybody loves candy! These beautiful displays are usually breathtaking and memorable. Place one, two, or a few scoops around your buffetScoops-CCI-Blog-Silver-And-Gold-Scoops table for guests to self-serve! Are you doing a fun candy display for a birthday party? Choose from the numerous colors of acrylic scoops to coordinate with your birthday party theme. Maybe you’re looking for something a little more elegant for a wedding reception buffet? Choosing colors such as clear, gold, or silver will add a touch of sophistication to any candy buffet. Liven up your event even more with serving scoops!

As stated earlier, scoops don’t have to be boring any longer. No matter what you need a scoop for, I’m sure you can find just what it is you are desiring! Don’t stop here. Keep browsing around until you located that perfect scoop!

Begin your search at Candy Concepts Inc. for scoops and even more fun products! Happy hunting!

Minions! Not Just In Theaters!

Minions-CCI-Blog-Header-Pic-1BMinions have arrived in theaters and now they’ve taken over the candy stores!

These adorable little yellow creatures are all the craze right now! That’s right, the Minions are here. I’m not just talking about on Earth or in theaters, Minions are now available in candy form! You’ll soon see their big eyes staring at you from all different heights and displays! From retail stores to convenience stores to birthday parties to pool parties, this summer it’s Minion Time!


Retail stores, now is the time to stock up on the numerous Minion candies and other novelties becoming available! Kids and adults are drawn to the adorable faces and funny quirks of these small, yellow creatures. Watch faces light up as they see items such as Minion Swirly or Spin Pops displayed on your shelves. Want a cool way to beat the heat? Add some candy filled Minion fans in your inventory. Those big eyes will draw customers, young and old, into a purchasing trance. Your profits are sure to soar through the roof like a rocket!

Minions-CCI-Blog-Sipper-Cups-1CParents, have your children been “brain napped” by these ever so clever lifeforms? Are they speaking in “Minionese” yet? Purchase some Minion Talkers with Candy and they are sure to be fluent in no time! Is your child begging for a Minion birthday party? We have you covered! With items like the Minion Fart Gun and Pez Dispenser, your child’s party will be the talk of the entire neighborhood. Send your miniature guests home with keepsakes like the Taffy filled Sipper Cup with Swirly Straw. Not only will they absolutely love the banana flavor Taffy (As all true Minions do!) but they’ll have a cup that’s all their own!

What started out as single-celled organisms has evolved into short, yellow creatures known as Minions! Big, goggled eyes, wonderful facial features, and a tendency to get in and out of trouble, these guys seem to have melted the hearts of all. Regardless of whether your are adding them to your store’s inventory or purchasing them for personal reasons, let the Minions bring even more joy and laughter into your lives!

For more Minion candies and other Licensed Characters, zip on over to Candy Concepts Inc today!

Gummi’s For Any Occasion!


Gummi’s make the perfect added treat for any occasion!

Regardless of what type of event or occasion you are planning, any style of candy is a wonderful added treat! However, who doesn’t love Gummi’s? Available in multiple shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors, these adorable little candies just add life to the party! Let’s take a look at just a few of the themes you can add Gummi candies too!

Pool Party/Beach Party

It’s that time of year when everybody is thinking about cooling off! Whether you’re throwing a pool party or an elaborately themed beach party, there’s a gummi candy waiting for you! A nice and refreshing treat for kids of all ages! Sweet or sour! No matter, what your guests like, you will have it covered with fun shapes such as:Gummi-Blog-CCI-Bait-Bucket-2A

  • FlipFlops
  • Fish
  • Lobsters
  • Sharks
  • Starfish and more!

Baby Shower or Gender Reveal Parties

Everybody looks forward to the timeless celebration of baby showers and the more modern party style of the “Gender Reveal” parties. Either celebration deserves some sweet and/or sour treats invited to the occasion. Gummi’s are the perfect +1 for these parties! If you’re doing a traditional baby shower, place baskets or decorative containers sitting around filled to the brim with Gummi Sour Pacifier available in 4 different flavored sour goodness! Throwing a “Gender Reveal” party? Not a problem. If your bundle of joy is a boy, use the Blue Raspberry Gummi Bears or Gummi Rings to add to your “It’s A Boy!” theme. Maybe you’re expecting a beautiful baby girl, no worries, there are gummi’s available for that too! Add some Pink Grapefruit or Purple Concord Grape flavored Gummi Bears to your decor. Looking for something a little different? Well, include some of the Pink Watermelon or Red Cherry Gummi Rings and your guests will be amazed and surprised by the soon-to-be arrival of your baby girl!

Themed Birthday Parties

Every child looks forward to their birthday party! With themes such as SpongeBob Square Pants, Hello Kitty, Angry Birds, and Super Mario; you can match gummi’s with your child’s favorite characters! These amazing and tasty gummi’s are sure to be a hit with your child and all of his or her friends! Who wouldn’t want to gobble down a Krabby Patty or a 3 Dee Yoshi?

4th of July

Gummi-Blog-CCI-Freedom-Bears-Flag-1BWith Independence Day being just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about barbeques! Well, your barbeques doesn’t have to stop at just hamburgers, hotdogs, steaks, chips, dip, and ice cream. Toss some Red, White, and Blue Gummi’s in for a special surprise! Freedom Gummi Bears in red, white, and blue are sure to be a hit with your guests. Arrange these adorable, yet edible, little bears in the shape of the American flag and watch the eyes of your guests’ pop open with amazement! Freedom Gummi Rings are another option to add into your fun day. Do you have military men and women in your circle of family and friends? Add some Military Gummi Heroes! You are definitely going to be praised for your remembrance!

Now remember, these are just a few of the themes you can use Gummi’s for! There are many more holidays, celebrations, or parties you can add too.

Visit for more Gummi ideas for your events!

Father’s Day is Upon Us!


Father’s Day is just around the corner!

Father’s Day brings in business for any retail store or shop! From family and friends that buy in advance to the last minute shoppers, no matter what style of customer, people will be looking for the perfect gift idea for the men in their lives. Bringing back beautiful memories is a gift that any man would love to receive and childhood candy favorites can do just that! With a wide array of nostalgic candies available, the ideal surprise for dad is right at your fingertips! Stores can put together an assortment candies to sell or even sell individually so the customer gets what they want! Either way, Father’s Day will offer a chance to take a walk down memory lane!

Dad. Daddy. Grandfather. Grandpa. Husband. Hubby. Honey. Regardless of what we call the special men in our lives their day will be here before we know it! Father’s Day is the perfect time to show our special guys how much we appreciate all they do. From first cuddles to “booboo” kisses to timeless wisdom; our men show us how they care in a multitude of ways. Well, there are all kinds of ways we can return the favor! Let’s talk about candy. Yes, I said candy! Why not give dad a step back through time with a basket or pail filled with sweet treats  from days-gone-by?

Combo Ideas

Candy Bars


Candy bars are a wonderful way to bring back memories for the special men in our lives! Toss in some candy bars from the past and there’s sure to be a smile on Dad’s face! With selections such as Slo Poke bars, Charleston Chews, and Toblerone, your special man will be drawn into yesteryear! Don’t forget about Sugar Babies or Goobers! These small bite-sized treats are tasty and can be savored longer! No matter what Dad’s favorite candy bar, you’re sure to find one that fits him just right!


Lollipops? Oh my! I think we all remember the lollipops of our childhoods. Astro Pops, Whirly Pops, Unicorn Pops, and the classic Tiger Pops are sure to leave that special man with an ear-to-ear smile! Is diabetes a problem? No worries! You can even find sugar free pops to add to Dad’s combo!

 Novelty Candies

Father's-Day-Atomic-Fireballs-L1Novelty candies are another superb addition! How many of us devoured Circus Peanuts? One of my favorite memories is sharing this delicious treat with my grandfather! A few more good additions to Dad’s Father’s Day combo would be Necco Wafers, Pixy Sticks, or Wax Candies. Does your special man enjoy a little more “fire” in his candy? Pitch in some Atomic Fireballs!


From candy bars to hard candies, to old fashioned candy, no matter what kind of treats your Dad enjoys, Father’s Day is sure to be a hit!

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Summer Novelties Are Upon Us!


Summer Novelties Create Lasting Memories

Is it really that time of year again? It sure is! School is letting out, summer is quickly approaching, and vacations are upon us! It’s time for pool parties, beach trips, barbeques, and all sorts of summer fun. Summer Novelties can add to any warm weather occasion! Below is a quick look an assortment of product ideas.

Retail Stores

Summer-Novelties-Flip-Flop-Cookies-L1Retail stores, especially beach shops, will see increased business throughout the next several of months. Draw the customers in with some cool summer novelties! Sand buckets full of treasures serve multiple purposes. These adorable little buckets come with, not only the bucket, but also sand toys AND goodies for children. Another great item for your store would be salt water taffy! Taffy is a huge hit with kids of all ages, young and old. Oh! Let’s not forget chocolate candy coated seashells! Or what about crab and flip flop shaped cookies? No matter what, there are many summer novelties available for your store!


With such a wide variety of candy available, any pool party or barbeque will be a hit! Add some gummy flip flops or sharks to your backyard fun! Another hit would be squirt toys or fans with candySummer-Novelties-Cotton-Candy-L1 combinations! Gummy soda pop bottles and pop rocks will add a touch of nostalgia for the older generations. As the evening sun sets, bring out the light up excitement! Glow stick lollipops and flash pops are fun for children!  An added bonus to light up candies? Parents can tell where their children are even in the dark! Another old-time favorite is cotton candy! Young and old will find pure bliss devouring this timeless treat! Regardless of the fun, there is sure to be a summer novelty out there waiting!

Don’t let the curiosity stop here! These are just a few ways to splash into summer! No matter what type of warm weather adventures await, summer novelties are a sure way to add smiles and memories!



Acrylic Containers for Retail!

The sound of shattering glass terrifies us all. As kids, we all knew the drill when glass items were dropped. Stand in the spot. Don’t move. Wait for mom or dad to put on shoes and come to the rescue. Tears well up as we wonder what our fate will be after all the cleanup work is done.

The hatred for the sound of glass breaking intensifies for store owners. That sound represents not only loss of valuable products, but the responsibility of ensuring that every bit of glass is found. What if a child broke something and got cut? What if employees cut themselves while cleaning up the mess? Worse, what if they miss a piece of glass and then a child later cuts themselves due to the negligence of your employees? The fear of lawsuits abounds in the hearts of storeowners who face this issue.

Acrylic alleviates this stress! Acrylic is the perfect blend between plastic and glass. While there are several forms, the most common for retail fixtures and containers is poly methyl methacryate, or PMMA.

Benefits of Acrylic

The most obvious benefit of acrylic containers was outlined in the scenarios above. Although it can break if dropped on a hard surface, it will not shatter and is far stronger and less impact resistant than glass. Strangely enough, it is also clearer than glass. Thick glass takes on a green hue. Acrylic is also far lighter than glass, making it easier to move from place to place. In respect to plastic, acrylic is considered a safer alternative as it is BPA free. Certain forms of plastic can yellow over time, while acrylics stay clear.

Acrylic Bins for Stores

Children enter candy stores wide-eyed at all the glorious colored candy that surrounds them. Huge wall displays with bulk candy tantalize even the oldest of patrons in your shop. Allow acrylic containers to help you show your products off the best way possible.

Go from this:From This

To this:To This


Scoop Bins

Acrylic scoop bins are wonderful for bulk candy as they allow kids the freedom that they crave. Kids love self-service. Getting to fill a bag with their choice of candy allows them to feel a little more grown up. As a store owner, you will love the benefit of the lower costs associated with unwrapped bulk candy. Many times, you can order an assortment of  bulk candy in packages. This can be a great way to start.

The above display uses round-faced acrylic bins with single-colored candies. Candies sorted by color are great for creating candy gifts and displays that center around certain colors. Sports team parties and wedding receptions are starting to use candies that reflect their special colors and incorporate these into their celebrations.  What really makes this fixture stand out is the use of lights behind the acrylic containers. The delicious candy glow will be reflected in the eyes of all who enter your store!

Double StackScoop bins come in a wide array of sizes and types. Use a variety of these in your candy store to create visual displays that will wow. While considering the type that you need, don’t forget the importance of using all of the space in your store.

Double tube bins and stacking bins give that extra vertical fun in your store. By drawingDouble Tube the attention up, you encourage customers to get the full view of your store rather than just head for what they need. Retail space is expensive. Be sure to use bins that are the best use of your square footage.

It is best when candy displays are kept filled up with delicious treats. People will shy away from stores that appear to constantly be out or low on stock. To avoid this issue, consider false front bins and candy towers. False front bins allow for a portion of the product to stay at the front of the container, which gives the look of always being full. Candy towers have inserts that look like candy to give the look of being filled. These add height and character to your displays and turn candy into a work of art in addition to a delicious treat.


Slatwall CandyAcrylic slatwall containers are another way to create amazing displays in your store. Wrapped candies can be sorted easily with a wall full of acrylic bins. Create a wall of salt water taffy, ring pops, candy sticks, and other great wrapped items. These are easy to change around as new stock comes.

Funnel front bins are excellent for unwrapped candies. Stock jelly beans, M&Ms, and gummy candies for a wall of exuberance for the little ones. These and other slatwall style containers allow you to take full advantage of your walls. They also enable you to rotate your stock easily. Seasonal displays are simple to create on slatwalls as you can add new acrylic bins featuring the candy of the season.


Party Favors That Everyone Wants

gift favor 3

The most enjoyable and memorable parties are crafted in the details, so don’t skimp on the small things if you’re planning a party. One of the best ways to ensure that your event takes a special place in the memory of every guest is to ensure that each person leaves your party with a memento worth keeping. Party favors of the past have tended to be throwaway items that were fun and cute but nothing anyone ever kept for very long.  

Whether you’re new to party giving or are an old hand at hosting celebratory festivities in your home, why not start a tradition of providing your guests with classy party favors that they’ll cherish for years to come? Don’t just stop at one — giving out several party favors during the course of the evening is an excellent way to keep guests interested and engaged as well as contributes to the party spirit. Keep an eye out for perfect favors while you’re shopping for party supplies. Following are some ideas for you to use for inspiration. 

Personalized Containers 

gift favor 1

Get the party started right by including small gift containers on your party supplies shopping list. What you fill them with won’t matter much as long as the containers are good memento material. Little candies or sugared almonds are always in good taste, and if the containers are pretty and personalized, everyone will want to take one home to keep among their treasures. Some ideas for unique and classy containers include:


  • Small, well-decorated gift boxes
  • Wine glasses and Champagne flutes
  • Hand-painted flower pots
  • Mini treasure chests
  • Mini candy bins
  • Small, galvanized tin buckets
  • Fluted glass bowls 

Unique Party Favors

gift favor 2

Although candy and sugared almonds are traditional and classy ways to fill souvenir containers, your event will be even more memorable if you personalize the favors themselves to match the sensibilities of the guests or to honor one guest in particular. For instance, if you’re given a bash for a bride-to-be, fill your party favor containers with packets of flower seeds so that guests will have a living reminder of the joyous occasion that brought them together. Let your imagination run free when shopping for party supplies and you’ll be sure to throw a party that your friends, family, and the guest of honor won’t forget anytime soon.


Setting Up an Outdoor Buffet


The summer season is quickly approaching, and that means people will want to sit outside and enjoy their meals. Whether you are restaurateur who wants to show off a newly made outdoor patio or an owner of a catering company planning an intimate wedding dinner, setting up an outdoor buffet is a great way to introduce your brand to potential clients. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Table Top Dispenser/Display Table prep

Before you set a single plate on a table, consider the space where your guests will be moving. Where are their tables in relation to the buffet? You can opt to put your plates on just one end of the table or both for easy access, but thereBuffet risers should be a clearly defined route that your guests should follow to avoid traffic jams. You can also choose to keep the dining utensils at the opposite end of the plates.

After you’ve determined the flow of your buffet line, you can prepare the layout of the buffet itself. To create an unforgettable atmosphere of elegance and style, use a buffet riser system. You can choose from commercial-grade wood, bamboo and acrylic with features like hexagonal, rectangular or round design.

Food precautions

When you are setting up a line of buffet tables in the summer heat, flies and other pests will be attracted to dishes like hamburgers, bratwurst, sausages and even leafy greens. Consider covering these items with a wire-mesh screen found at your local patio shop, or use plain plastic wrap.

When serving a large group of people, it is easy to forget many guests might have dietary restrictions or allergies to certain types of food. Make sure that you set up tent cards displaying what is in each dish. You can also let your guests know if dishes include peanuts, shellfish, wheat and other common allergens by placing a notice at the front of the buffet line.

Area prep

If you are setting up your buffet in a woodsy or grassy location, you will want to control pests so they don’t interfere with dining experience of your guests. Consider using citronella candles throughout the guest area in a way that is unobtrusive and pleasing to the eye. You might also want to set up a screen tent seating area to help shield your guests from the summer sun.

To prepare for night time festivities, you can light the area where people will mingle with patio lights and lanterns. Walkways are another good area to light with tiki torches.

Written by Rosseto Serving Solutions

Floral Displays for All Types of Retail

Floral display carts

With spring in the air, many consumers are looking to purchase flowers and plantings for their gardens.  Now is the time to start planning and setting up those floral displays and racks.  With so many options to choose, determining your specific needs can be daunting.  Floral displays are not just for the flower shop, they are being used in many types of retail from convenience stores, supermarkets, hotels and hospital gift shops.

First, get a feel for the space you plan to promote your floral merchandise.  Many floral displays offer shelving for gift type merchandise, while other floral displays offer only space for fresh cut flowers.  By determining your space allowance and the type of merchandise you plan to sell, you can narrow down they type of display you require or want.

Floral Display Vases

You won’t find an easier display option than floral display vases to showcase your fresh flowers.  They offer a smaller footprint than a large cooler that requires electrical hook up and more space than most retail stores have to spare.  You can place the floral display vases anywhere in your store to attract customer’s attention and make big sales.  Try placing them in an aisle near complimenting merchandise, such as wine or chocolates, to encourage add-on sales.

Wooden Display Carts

Occasionally, a store owner has the desire to attract customers in a big way and has the space for a larger, moreFloral display cart impressive floral display.  Wooden flower carts come in a variety of sizes and shapes.  Most displays are completely functional, allowing the display to be moved periodically.  Using wooden floral carts provide a more organic look to a floral display within the store.  The combination of the treated wood and iron features, offer a rustic look as well.

The Budget Friendly Option

floral display cratesFor those store owners looking for an economical way to merchandise their flowers, whether fresh cut or silk; an inexpensive option is to use wooden crates or barrels on an existing display table.  By placing several different size crates on a surface, you can create an appealing display that will catch those sales.  Most wooden crates and barrels can also be painted to match the store’s décor or theme.

The best part of any floral display; is that when the season is past, the display can be repurposed for new merchandise.  In any type of retail business, having displays that can be used in many different ways is essential.  All it takes is a little creativity.

Pre-Filled Candy Displays: Learn Your Options

Pre-filled candy displays are perfect for every kind of retail business. Candy stores, gas stations, convenience stores, bookstores, gift shops, even hotels and motels – they’re all perfect places to situate a pre-filled candy display.  

Just as importantly, pre-filled candy displays are perfect for:

  • New stores that need help stocking before Opening Day.
  • Established stores that want to add candy to their merchandise selection but don’t have the time to hand select each and every piece and display.

If your store falls into one of those categories, it’s time to take a look at your pre-filled candy display options.

Gumball Machines

5 Foot Gumball MachineA gumball machine is probably one of the most popular candy displays around. These machines are perfect for nearly every kind of business – from convenience stores and grocery stores to actual candy stores and other specialty shops – and they’re available in an assortment of sizes and styles.

The kind of machine you choose will depending on where you want to situate it and how much space you have to work with. You can find single-head gumball machines designed to sit on your countertop or stand on the floor, or you can find elaborate displays with as many as eight heads. You can even find gumball machines in fun styles like rocket ships and designed to show the gumballs rolling down the escape!

Lollipop Displays

A lollipop display is another popular kind of candy display for various businesses.

Traditional lollipop trees work best for stores that have room for floor displays, but you can find lollipop displays made of an assortment of sucker styles and flavors situated within decorated cardboard containers or acrylic bins. These kinds of lollipop displays are best for stores that plan to situate the displays on their countertops.

Plastic Containers

Plastic containers pre-filled with candy are excellent choices if you simply want to display candy on your countertop as add-on merchandise at checkout. You can find these plastic containers pre-filled with an assortment of candies including gumballs, Jawbreakers, Tootsie Rolls, Sugar Babies, and Strawberry Bon Bons.

Keep in mind that once you’ve sold all the candy in your pre-filled plastic candy containers, you can either refill them with more candy to sell or use them for another purpose entirely!

Wall, Floor, and Countertop Displays

photo 3These kinds of pre-filled candy displays take plastic containers to the next level. They are generally comprised of plastic candy containers or buckets filled with popular candies and situated on display racks small enough to showcase on your countertop, large enough to use as floor displays, or designed to hang as a wall display.

If your store has enough room, you might want to consider even larger floor candy displays. These displays are tall enough and wide enough to act as focal points on your store’s floor or even entire aisles.

Wooden Baskets and Racks

Wooden baskets and racks pre-filled with candies are the more rustic versions of traditional candy displays made of plastic containers and wire racks. Most often, you can find these wooden baskets and racks designed as “tree” displays sized for both floor and countertop displays, or floor displays of wooden racks that hold the baskets on shelves.