Concession Equipment Pays Off

Concession Equipment Is Easier Than Ever To Buy!

concession equipmentConcession stands are a huge part of sporting events, festivals, sidewalk vendors, and much more. If you are interested in starting your own concession business, you have found the perfect place for all of your concession equipment needs! From advertising to food and drinks to concession carts, Candy Concepts Inc. can help you get started today.

concession equipmentThe first thing you need to consider before starting your concession business, is exactly what type of products you plan to offer. Are you planning to stick with just one item or are you going to offer a variety of products? With such as cold beverages, popcorn, nachos, funnel cakes, and many other to select from, your business can be a one-stop shop for all.

Concession equipment comes in many shapes, sizes, and uses. For those customers that have a sweet tooth, having a concession equipmentcandy apple machine or a funnel cake fryers on hand is a wise choice. People of all ages have a hard time resisting the tempting aromas from either of these products. Why not tempt them into making a purchase and increasing your profits? Customers are often looking for more of a meal type product. Our concession equipment includes corn dog fryers, hot dog machines, and even pizza ovens.

concession equipmentAdvertising is a huge part of concession equipment that help to get your business up and running. When customers can see for themselves what you have available, they are more likely to make a purchase. Brightly colored signs are a wonderful way to display your products. From hot dogs to snow cones you are sure to find the perfect sign to meet your needs. Are you looking for an item that allows you to add a personal touch? The Neon Sign Holder is ideal for doing just that. Simply create your sign, place it inside, and turn it on.

No matter what style of edible delights you plan to you offer at your new concession stand, we have all of your needs covered. From fryers to warms or signs to beverages, getting just the right concession equipment is simply a few clicks away!

Custom Designs Really Stand Out

Custom Designs Grab Customer Attention!


Are you looking for display fixtures that really draw customers in? Accomplish this by using equipment that have custom designs! Regardless of whether you are looking for acrylic bins, wire racks, or even wood barrels, you can customize your displays to your specifications. Let’s take a peek at a few of the ways you can create custom designs and how they can help you increase your profits.

Acrylic Bins

Acrylic bins have plenty to offer but when you order custom designs, you have the freedom to create a display like none other. From gravity bins to candy tubes, acrylic custom designs are a great way to attract attention directly at your products. Custom designs allow you to get creative and make a unique display that will be the talk of the town. Fill these stylish containers with brightly colored candies, delicious yogurt toppings, or other small items. The possibilities are only as limited as you allow them to be.

Wire Racks

Most people do not realize you can create custom designs for wire racks. Sometimes you have a space that is just a little off for the traditional measurements of wire racks. In situations like this, customized wire racks are the ideal solution! When you order your wire display racks to your specifications, you ensure that your custom designs will fit perfectly. Add a personal touch to your display by adding plastic or wood accents to your wire racks. Do you need a display that will advertise for you? Not a problem. You can add signs to your custom designs too.

Wood Barrels

Nothing is more appealing than old fashioned barrels filled to the brim with delicious candies. Well, that is until now! Add a personal touch to your store by adding customized wood barrels. Showoff a variety of merchandise with your custom designs such as candy, novelty items, toys, and so much more. With options like adding a false bottom to bring your products up within reach and adding a logo, your customize wooden display are going to be a hit with all of your customers.

As you can tell, there is a wide variety of ways to add custom designs into your business. From candy stores to retail shops to general businesses, custom designed displays are a wonderful way to advertise. When customers see the amount of thought and planning you have put into your display, they are sure to return time and time again!

Interested in getting you custom designs started today? Simply visit Candy Concepts Inc. online or give us a call at 1-866-242-7585 and let your creative side shine through.

Financing & How It Benefits You

Financing & How It Benefits You As A Store Owner


Are you opening a new store? Maybe you already have an established business and are wanting to update your store. Are you wondering how in the world you are going to cover the cost of everything? Have you considered financing your counter displays, candy containers, and other store equipment? There are many reasons to answer yes!

Starting a new business or updating your current business can be very expensive. Investing all of your money upfront into the equipment this requires is risky and by doing so, you may not get exactly what you need. Financing gives you, the store owner, less upfront cost and a set payment. This allows you to incorporate your payments in with your budget giving you more peace of mind. Another added bonus is you can be confident you have the proper equipment that your business requires. Spend your time and money running your business and maintaining your cash flow.

Another worry you can shake off your mind are taxes. Financing your equipment can not only help you throughout the year, but doing so can also help you at tax time. Article 179 of the IRS Tax Code allows a business to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment purchased or financed during the tax year. If you don’t qualify or select not to use Article 179, you have the option of  writing off payments as they are made.

Starting and running a business is stressful on it’s own. Let Candy Concepts Inc. help you take some of that worry away with financing the latest, up-to-date equipment your store or business may need. Candy Concepts offers two easy 1 page applications from which you can select. In most cases, there is no need for financial statements. Another great perk is accelerated approval times.

Get the equipment you need, when you need it. From candy stores to yogurt shops and convenience stores to salons, all of your needs are just a click away. We offer a wide variety of products from candy containers to display counters to computerized equipment. Start your financing application today!


Christmas Candy Is Coming Soon!

Christmas Is Less Than 80 Days Away!

Christmas Candy Is Coming Soon!

That’s right, Christmas is coming and it will be here before we know it. Now is the time to get ready for the holiday season and start stocking up on Christmas candy. Regardless of whether you are preparing for your store’s holiday display or investing in Christmas candy for family and friends, Candy Concepts Inc. is here to assist you with all of your needs.

It doesn’t matter what kind of Christmas candies you are searching for, we’re sure to have exactly what you want. From Santa shaped candy to lumps of coal, you can find virtually anything. Do your customers love chocolate? We have tons of delicious chocolate wrapped in colorful holiday foil. If you are planning to stick with the traditional Christmas colors of red and green, we have a wide selection for you to choose from.

Add a nostalgic feel to your Christmas display by adding the long favored candies such as candy canes and chocolate covered pretzels. These scrumptious delights will have customers rushing to the checkout counter. Add an impulse display full of other holiday treats like bags of Christmas Crunch.

Is your naughty and nice list ready? Buying sweet treats or cute tricks for your family and friends is easy here at Candy Concepts too. Are you looking for a neat yet sweet trick for those on the naughty list? Items like the Pooper Penguin and Reindeer Candy Dispensers make the ideal gift. For those on your nice list, gift them with delicious combination candy boxes.

Christmas Candy Is Coming Soon!

Get your pens ready and mark your calendars because our Christmas candy is going live on October 12, 2015! Yes, you read that correctly. You can start pre-ordering all of your Christmas and holiday candies on the 12th of this month. Shipping begins on October 26, 2015.

Check out our large array of Christmas Candies at Candy Concepts Inc. on October 12th to start your holiday shopping!

Baby Shower Supplies Are Here!

Planning Your Baby Shower Just Got Easier!


Are you expecting a tiny bundle of joy? Are you planning a baby shower for a friend or family member? Maybe you are putting together a gender reveal party? Are you searching for unique gift ideas for your guests? If any of this sounds like you, congratulations! You have found your one stop shop for all of your baby shower needs. With our new selection of shower supplies and gift ideas, your baby shower or gender reveal party will leave a lasting impression on  your family and friends. From candy to containers to personalized shower favors, our latest addition is here to help celebrate your coming addition!

Baby Shower Candies

No event is completed without candy! Finding the ideal candy selection for your baby shower or gender reveal party can be difficult at times. However, now you can find exactly what you need with just a few clicks. From pink to blue to gender neutral, gum to chocolate, pacifiers to chocolate cigars, your guests are going to love the selection of candy you put before them. You can even add Hershey’s Kisses to the occasion with their “It’s A Boy!” or “It’s A Girl!” announcement tags. No matter which selection of candy you go with, your family and friends are going to be amazed and even more excited to meet your bundle of joy.

Baby Shower Containers

From bins and boxes to jars and tins, the wide selection of candy containers available for your baby shower are nearly endless. Regardless of whether you are looking for containers as decorations, gifts, or even a candy buffet, you are sure to find exactly what you need. Buckets and pails make wonderful decorative containers. Filled with candies, flowers, or even shower favors for your guests to take home, these adorable containers are just what the doctor ordered. Are you planning a color coordinated candy buffet? No worries, you’ll find clear plastic bins that are ideal for the job. Candy tubes, clear paint cans, and tins make wonderful thank you gifts for your family and friends.

Personalized Baby Shower Favors

Add a personal touch to your baby shower with personalized favors! That’s right, personalized shower favors have arrived and are just waiting for you to add a personal message. With a wide variety of labels styles such as chalkboard and metallic foil, you can create thank you gifts for your family and friends that are sure to be treasured for years. From mini glass bottles and milk bottles to mason jars and candy jars, you are sure to find the perfect selection of containers for your baby shower. Get started on your customized containers with just a few short clicks.

As you can see, planning your baby shower or gender reveal party can be a little less stressful when you find all that you need in one location. The Baby Shower category will assist you in finding supplies you want and maybe even a few new ideas to add to the list. No matter what your theme is, adding candies, decorations, favors, and more shouldn’t be a headache. Enjoy watching the faces of your guests light up as they take in all the beauty before them.

Check out baby shower supplies and more at Candy Concepts Inc. today. Congratulations!

Dispensers Grab Attention

Topping Dispensers Are Essential To Yogurt & Ice Cream Shops

cci-rosseto-dispensersTake a moment to glance around your yogurt or ice cream shop. Are your topping dispensers looking a bit outdated? Are you noticing an increase in product waste? Are you just wanting to expand your topping selections? Do you have bare counter space or a free wall? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you have discovered the perfect location for solutions.

Refreshing Dispensers

If your customers have started to dwindle, maybe it’s time to add a new and refreshing look to your shop. You can do so with just a few simple clicks! Replacing your outdated dispensers with more modern ones can give your yogurt or ice cream shop a breath of fresh air. With options such as bamboo, stainless steel, walnut, and more, Candy Concepts Inc and Rosseto make matching your established decor easier than ever. Before making a selection, let’s take a look at the advantages of wall mounted and counter style dispensers.

Wall Mounted Dispensers

If you have the space, wall mounted dispensers are a great way for you to expand your toppings selections. Are you wanting to do rows of single dispensers such as the EZ-Pro Single Wall Mounted Dispenser? Or maybe you desire the convenience of multiple dispensers in one. The Multi-Cone 5W Dispenser allows you to showcase up to five different toppings in one dispenser on any wall you have available. Lining your walls with these dispensers frees up your counter space for customer interaction at the checkout. Customers on the go, will need room to place their purchases while paying for them. Not only are wall mounted dispensers wonderful for clearing up your counter, they can also be used to enhance your shops decor!

Counter/Table Top Dispensers

Counter or table top style dispenser are a wonderful idea for smaller shops. If you need space to place tables for customers to use, filling your walls up just isn’t going to work. Your customers will enjoy sitting down with their families and serving up their own toppings from a stylish yet fun dispenser like the EZ-Serv 6-Container Carousel. For a more conventional appeal, there is a wide variety of counter top dispensers from which you can select. Just decide if you want singles, doubles, or more per stand. The 5 Container Dispenser with Walnut Tray is a trendy and beautiful addition to any toppings counter display.

Waste Prevention

How often do you find yourself cleaning up excess toppings from under your current dispenser? Not only is this a loss for you, it’s also unsanitary. With today’s technology, dispensers are becoming more and more efficient. Not only do they offer portion control, but they also cut down on spills and waste. This saves money while keeping your customers returning time and time again. For the customers that like to keep a close eye on their daily diet, portion is a must have.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to invest in new and improved topping dispensers for your yogurt or ice cream shop. These are just a few examples of the dispensers available to you as a business owner. Right now is the ideal time to invest with the free shipping promotion being offered to you as a customer.

Happy shopping!


Personalized Favors Have Arrived!


Personalized Favors Are Here To Join Your Event Or Party!

Are you planning a wedding reception? Maybe you are expecting a tiny bundle of joy and you want to celebrate? Are you searching for a way to make these huge life changing events and other occasions a little more personal? If any of these relate to your situation, you have just found your solution! Personalized favors have made their arrival at Candy Concepts Inc. and are only a few clicks away from being yours.

Wedding Reception Personalized Favors

Chalkboard-Wedding-Candy-Jars-1aPlanning a wedding is stressful enough on its own, but when you’re planning the wedding receptions as well, it can be overwhelming. Take a deep breath! Hold it for 10 seconds and let it out. Now let’s look at a few ideas that could reduce your stress level. Personalize favors can be used for more than one thing. Have you thought about seating markers? I know personally this can be a scary subject however, it doesn’t  have to be. Using items such as personalized jars filled with candy could just save the day! Not only do your family and friends know where to sit, they also get an adorable keepsake to treasure your special day. With such a large selection of label styles and designs, you can match your personalized favors to your wedding reception theme in no time. That’s the best part about this new and exciting favors, you customize it to your expectations. Select from chalkboard style labels or metallic foil if you want something new and exciting. For the more down-to-earth people options like the traditional and vintage designs are a plenty! Choose from mason jars to mini glass bottles and several other styles of personalized containers. No matter what theme you have in mind, I’m sure you can find the perfect gift container to meet all of your needs.

Personalized Favors For Baby Showers

You’ve spent months waiting on your tiny bundle of joy and now it’s almost time for him or her to make their appearance! That mean it is baby shower time. No worries, you can find an assortment of supplies at Candy Concept Inc. to help you plan just the right baby Milk-Bottles-Personalized-Metallic-Foil-1ashower. Personalized gifts are a way to say “Thank You” to all of your family and friends for just being there. From milk bottles to mini glass bottles, you are sure to find the ideal container you have in mind. Once you decide on the container, you get to customize the label. Yes, you read that correctly! You customize the label to be exactly what you want. Whether you choose pink for a girl or blue for a boy or keep it a surprise and go with a neutral color and design, your personalized favors are sure to be a hit. Fill your personalized containers with color coordinating candies or just use your favorite candy and watch as your guests start beaming with happiness. One more thing, if you are having twins, there are personalized labels for you to select from as well!

Personalized favors just became alot easier to customize to fit your special occasion. Weddings and baby showers will never be the same, but yours will be treasured for years to come. Your family and friends will smile at the memories every time they look at the personalized gift you gave them.

For these personalized favors and more visit Candy Concepts Inc. Don’t forget to check back with us though, as we have even more personalized products coming soon. Oh! I almost forgot. Congratulations!


Store Decor Can Increase Sales!


Make sure your store decor gives a good first impression!

Take a moment to look around you. Imagine you are walking through the doors of your business for the very first time. Do you like what you see? Is your store decor lacking something? Have your customers started to dwindle? Are you seeing less and less new customers? If any of these apply to your situation, let’s take a look at a few ideas that could help you.

Most of the time your store speaks to the customer before you do. I know that sounds a little crazy, but think about it for a second. As soon as a customer steps through the door they are taking in everything they see. If they see the same thing over and over it’s going to stop peaking their interest after a while. It’s time to shake things up a bit!

Adding a new look to your store decor doesn’t have to be hard or costly. Something as simple as a few potted plants sitting on wire displays can mean the difference between customers continuing into the store or turning around. Plants and flowers are the easiest way to decorate as there are so many to choose from for every season. Place a a Metal Bicycle Plant Display holding in season flowers at your entryway to create a warm welcome.

Don’t just stop at the entryway though! You’ve got them through the door, now keep them in the store by adding pieces here and there. This keeps your patrons looking for more. Place pedestals in various places and use them to showcase your products. Use Bamboo Screen Dividers to separate different sections of your store. You can even use screen dividers as merchandisers. Do you carry the latest fashions? Simple hang a snazzy new outfit on a divider screen to catch the eye of a potential buyer.

Candy displays can also be coordinated to your store decor. With a vast selection of candy containers and dispensers, you could create a candy oasis that customers won’t be able to resist. Use colored candies that fit the season or upcoming holiday to decorate with. For Autumn, Halloween and Thanksgiving use black, brown, orange, and yellow candies. Christmas, New Year’s, and Winter colors could be green, red, silver, and white. The possibilities go on and on!

Not only can you do an overhaul on your store decor, you can use the items you add as merchandise as well. Nothing says you can’t sale your store decor pieces. Make them a part of your inventory, use them to lure customers in, and profit from these pieces all at once.

Candy Concepts Inc. carries most of your store decor needs and much more. Check us out today. You never know what you may discover!

Halloween Candy Is On The Way!


Spooky! Gooey! Scarey! Fun! Tasty! Halloween Candy is here!

As the leaves start to change colors, the days get shorter, and the temperature gets cooler, you know that fall is coming. And that means Halloween is on it’s way! Halloween candy is always a favorite and now these candies are waiting to be added to your inventory! From retail displays to trick-or-treat guests, Halloween candy is a necessity for this time of year.

Retail Displays

Halloween-Candy-reeses-peanut-butter-pumpkins-1BIt’s almost time to get your Halloween displays going. Well, here at Candy Concepts Inc. we have all your Halloween candy waiting for you. From Hello Kitty Vampire Bats to Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins to Zombie Gummies, your Halloween candy aisle can be the hot spot of the season! Are you looking to increase your impulse sales? Add these spooky candies and many more to your checkout or countertop for profits that soar as high as ghosts.

Halloween Parties

No matter if you’re throwing a company party or a private party, setting up a Halloween themed candy buffet is a must! If you are looking for mainly black and orange Halloween Candy for your party, checkout our candy by color section. Create the ideal candy buffet or table for your event today. Don’t forget the traditional candies such as Candy Corn and Sixlets as party of your Halloween theme.


“Knock! Knock! Trick-or-treat! Give us something good to eat!” Have no worries! You will have plenty of sweet treats on hand with the wide variety we have to offer. Children absolutely love discovering new and exciting candies in their treat bags. Halloween candy has never been more fun! Toss some Zombie Blood or Blood Energy Potion into their waiting bags. Milk Chocolate Crisp Eyeballs and Jack O’Lanterns are sure to be a new favorite. Don’t forget today’s favorite licensed character favorites such as Hello Kitty, and Mickey Mouse. Kids of all ages will be so excited and impressed that your house will be on their trick-or-treat list for next year!

One Last Reminder

Halloween-Candy-ScoopsNo matter if it’s a retail display, candy display, Halloween party, or just handing out goodies to trick-or-treaters, one final touch that can make you the one to remember is scoops. Yes, scoops! Color coordinating your Halloween candy with a colored scoop will leave a lasting impression. There several colors for you to choose from when selecting just the right serving scoop. So go sneak a peek at the colored scoops.

I almost forgot. Have a safe and very Happy Halloween from all of us here at Candy Concepts Inc.!

Wire Display Racks Increase Sales

Wire-Display-Racks-CCI-Blog-Header-Image-1AWire Display Racks Help Increase Your Sales!

Does your display need a makeover? Let wire display racks assist you with that project! With a variety of styles, colors, and purposes, wire display racks have come a long way. Regardless if you are a small business or a retail owner, your displays will pay off and thank you!

Candy Displays

Wire-Display-Racks-CCI-Blog-Premium-Candy-Display-Rack-1aShowing off candy on a brand new wire display rack will have customers rushing to see what other changes you’ve made. For candies that come in their own boxes, choose a wire display such as one of the Premium Candy Display Racks. With multi-positioning shelves, this merchandiser is ideal for safely holding all of your boxed candy. Freestanding with locking casters, you can place these candy display racks exactly where you need them the most.

If you display your candy in containers, revamp your display by choosing the Hex Short Stack Rack. These wire display racks come in either black or white and include 16 hexagon plastic containers with lids. Fill each container with a different colored candy and your display will lure customers in for a closer look!

Bakery DisplaysWire-Display-Racks-CCI-Blog-Rolling-Bakery-Merchandiser-1a

Everybody loves the smell of freshly baked goods! Draw customers in with the mouth-watering aroma of fresh baked breads, cookies, pies, and more. Then hook the sale with a mind-blowing display. Just bake those goodies, place them on a display such as the Rolling Bakery Merchandiser, and watch your delicious treasures bring in the money. If you want wire display racks that are stationary, no worries, we carry those at Candy Concepts Inc. as well. Regardless of what you’re looking for to step up your display, you’re sure to find the perfect wire display rack!

These are just a couple examples of the many uses for wire display racks. There are many more styles available and even more uses possible. Just check out the Wire Display Racks category on Candy Concepts Inc. to see these items and much more!