Party Favors That Everyone Wants

gift favor 3

The most enjoyable and memorable parties are crafted in the details, so don’t skimp on the small things if you’re planning a party. One of the best ways to ensure that your event takes a special place in the memory of every guest is to ensure that each person leaves your party with a memento worth keeping. Party favors of the past have tended to be throwaway items that were fun and cute but nothing anyone ever kept for very long.  

Whether you’re new to party giving or are an old hand at hosting celebratory festivities in your home, why not start a tradition of providing your guests with classy party favors that they’ll cherish for years to come? Don’t just stop at one — giving out several party favors during the course of the evening is an excellent way to keep guests interested and engaged as well as contributes to the party spirit. Keep an eye out for perfect favors while you’re shopping for party supplies. Following are some ideas for you to use for inspiration. 

Personalized Containers 

gift favor 1

Get the party started right by including small gift containers on your party supplies shopping list. What you fill them with won’t matter much as long as the containers are good memento material. Little candies or sugared almonds are always in good taste, and if the containers are pretty and personalized, everyone will want to take one home to keep among their treasures. Some ideas for unique and classy containers include:


  • Small, well-decorated gift boxes
  • Wine glasses and Champagne flutes
  • Hand-painted flower pots
  • Mini treasure chests
  • Mini candy bins
  • Small, galvanized tin buckets
  • Fluted glass bowls 

Unique Party Favors

gift favor 2

Although candy and sugared almonds are traditional and classy ways to fill souvenir containers, your event will be even more memorable if you personalize the favors themselves to match the sensibilities of the guests or to honor one guest in particular. For instance, if you’re given a bash for a bride-to-be, fill your party favor containers with packets of flower seeds so that guests will have a living reminder of the joyous occasion that brought them together. Let your imagination run free when shopping for party supplies and you’ll be sure to throw a party that your friends, family, and the guest of honor won’t forget anytime soon.


Setting Up an Outdoor Buffet


The summer season is quickly approaching, and that means people will want to sit outside and enjoy their meals. Whether you are restaurateur who wants to show off a newly made outdoor patio or an owner of a catering company planning an intimate wedding dinner, setting up an outdoor buffet is a great way to introduce your brand to potential clients. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Table Top Dispenser/Display Table prep

Before you set a single plate on a table, consider the space where your guests will be moving. Where are their tables in relation to the buffet? You can opt to put your plates on just one end of the table or both for easy access, but thereBuffet risers should be a clearly defined route that your guests should follow to avoid traffic jams. You can also choose to keep the dining utensils at the opposite end of the plates.

After you’ve determined the flow of your buffet line, you can prepare the layout of the buffet itself. To create an unforgettable atmosphere of elegance and style, use a buffet riser system. You can choose from commercial-grade wood, bamboo and acrylic with features like hexagonal, rectangular or round design.

Food precautions

When you are setting up a line of buffet tables in the summer heat, flies and other pests will be attracted to dishes like hamburgers, bratwurst, sausages and even leafy greens. Consider covering these items with a wire-mesh screen found at your local patio shop, or use plain plastic wrap.

When serving a large group of people, it is easy to forget many guests might have dietary restrictions or allergies to certain types of food. Make sure that you set up tent cards displaying what is in each dish. You can also let your guests know if dishes include peanuts, shellfish, wheat and other common allergens by placing a notice at the front of the buffet line.

Area prep

If you are setting up your buffet in a woodsy or grassy location, you will want to control pests so they don’t interfere with dining experience of your guests. Consider using citronella candles throughout the guest area in a way that is unobtrusive and pleasing to the eye. You might also want to set up a screen tent seating area to help shield your guests from the summer sun.

To prepare for night time festivities, you can light the area where people will mingle with patio lights and lanterns. Walkways are another good area to light with tiki torches.

Written by Rosseto Serving Solutions

Floral Displays for All Types of Retail

Floral display carts

With spring in the air, many consumers are looking to purchase flowers and plantings for their gardens.  Now is the time to start planning and setting up those floral displays and racks.  With so many options to choose, determining your specific needs can be daunting.  Floral displays are not just for the flower shop, they are being used in many types of retail from convenience stores, supermarkets, hotels and hospital gift shops.

First, get a feel for the space you plan to promote your floral merchandise.  Many floral displays offer shelving for gift type merchandise, while other floral displays offer only space for fresh cut flowers.  By determining your space allowance and the type of merchandise you plan to sell, you can narrow down they type of display you require or want.

Floral Display Vases

You won’t find an easier display option than floral display vases to showcase your fresh flowers.  They offer a smaller footprint than a large cooler that requires electrical hook up and more space than most retail stores have to spare.  You can place the floral display vases anywhere in your store to attract customer’s attention and make big sales.  Try placing them in an aisle near complimenting merchandise, such as wine or chocolates, to encourage add-on sales.

Wooden Display Carts

Occasionally, a store owner has the desire to attract customers in a big way and has the space for a larger, moreFloral display cart impressive floral display.  Wooden flower carts come in a variety of sizes and shapes.  Most displays are completely functional, allowing the display to be moved periodically.  Using wooden floral carts provide a more organic look to a floral display within the store.  The combination of the treated wood and iron features, offer a rustic look as well.

The Budget Friendly Option

floral display cratesFor those store owners looking for an economical way to merchandise their flowers, whether fresh cut or silk; an inexpensive option is to use wooden crates or barrels on an existing display table.  By placing several different size crates on a surface, you can create an appealing display that will catch those sales.  Most wooden crates and barrels can also be painted to match the store’s décor or theme.

The best part of any floral display; is that when the season is past, the display can be repurposed for new merchandise.  In any type of retail business, having displays that can be used in many different ways is essential.  All it takes is a little creativity.

Pre-Filled Candy Displays: Learn Your Options

Pre-filled candy displays are perfect for every kind of retail business. Candy stores, gas stations, convenience stores, bookstores, gift shops, even hotels and motels – they’re all perfect places to situate a pre-filled candy display.  

Just as importantly, pre-filled candy displays are perfect for:

  • New stores that need help stocking before Opening Day.
  • Established stores that want to add candy to their merchandise selection but don’t have the time to hand select each and every piece and display.

If your store falls into one of those categories, it’s time to take a look at your pre-filled candy display options.

Gumball Machines

5 Foot Gumball MachineA gumball machine is probably one of the most popular candy displays around. These machines are perfect for nearly every kind of business – from convenience stores and grocery stores to actual candy stores and other specialty shops – and they’re available in an assortment of sizes and styles.

The kind of machine you choose will depending on where you want to situate it and how much space you have to work with. You can find single-head gumball machines designed to sit on your countertop or stand on the floor, or you can find elaborate displays with as many as eight heads. You can even find gumball machines in fun styles like rocket ships and designed to show the gumballs rolling down the escape!

Lollipop Displays

A lollipop display is another popular kind of candy display for various businesses.

Traditional lollipop trees work best for stores that have room for floor displays, but you can find lollipop displays made of an assortment of sucker styles and flavors situated within decorated cardboard containers or acrylic bins. These kinds of lollipop displays are best for stores that plan to situate the displays on their countertops.

Plastic Containers

Plastic containers pre-filled with candy are excellent choices if you simply want to display candy on your countertop as add-on merchandise at checkout. You can find these plastic containers pre-filled with an assortment of candies including gumballs, Jawbreakers, Tootsie Rolls, Sugar Babies, and Strawberry Bon Bons.

Keep in mind that once you’ve sold all the candy in your pre-filled plastic candy containers, you can either refill them with more candy to sell or use them for another purpose entirely!

Wall, Floor, and Countertop Displays

photo 3These kinds of pre-filled candy displays take plastic containers to the next level. They are generally comprised of plastic candy containers or buckets filled with popular candies and situated on display racks small enough to showcase on your countertop, large enough to use as floor displays, or designed to hang as a wall display.

If your store has enough room, you might want to consider even larger floor candy displays. These displays are tall enough and wide enough to act as focal points on your store’s floor or even entire aisles.

Wooden Baskets and Racks

Wooden baskets and racks pre-filled with candies are the more rustic versions of traditional candy displays made of plastic containers and wire racks. Most often, you can find these wooden baskets and racks designed as “tree” displays sized for both floor and countertop displays, or floor displays of wooden racks that hold the baskets on shelves.


Unwrapping the Mysteries of Cash Wraps

cash wrap2

When someone is opening up their own store, they know that they will have many important decisions to make. What they may not realize is that they will have to choose every fixture for their shop, right down to the retail store cash wraps. To create the best possible shopping experience for their customers and employees, they should look for a cash wrap with a few important features.

It is necessary to choose a cash wrap that makes it easy to keep employees organized while they provide service. Choose something that comes with shelving units or drawers already built in rather than trying to build organizational structures behind the counter. Shelves and drawers will make it easy for employees to grab what they need quickly and efficiently, from shopping bags to register paper.

There are a multitude of design options to consider when purchasing a cash wrap.  The most common style is the L cash wrap1shape, with the back of the cash wrap to an adjacent wall.  The next popular configuration is the U shape.  This configuration allows you to provide your customers with two approaches to the checkout process.  Most retailers will have two cash registers in the U shape configuration.

Cash wraps come in a variety of different materials, but it is important to choose one that will remain sturdy under a great deal of pressure. For this reason, many shop owners choose wood counters with a laminate top. The laminate top looks great for a long period of time and can be easily cleaned by wiping it down with a damp rag.

When searching for the perfect cash wrap unit, it is tempting to purchase one that will come assembled and ready to go. However, those on a budget should seriously consider picking out a unit that will come unassembled. They are easy to put together and receiving them in pieces can significantly cut down on the cost of shipping.  Most manufacturers provide video support to help you assemble the counter.

cash wrapChoosing retail store counters is just one of the many important choices a new shop owner will have to make. However, it requires careful attention because it can make or break the experience that a customer has once they reach the register. Be sure to choose something attractive and sturdy that will help keep employees organized at all times.

Popping Profits with Popcorn Carts

popcorn carts

If you are looking for a unique and fun way to make extra money in your business, investing in a popcorn cart is a wonderful idea. There is much to love about earning extra income with popcorn carts, and with further review of this money-making opportunity, you may determine that this is the right option for you.

Why Choose to Sell Popcorn

There are many things that you could sell in your store to boost the bottom line, but selling popcorn from a popcorn cart is a fabulous option. It gives you the ability to create the popcorn fresh right in front of your customers. They can smell the popcorn popping and can come right to your location to purchase the snack.  More than that, many people love popcorn, and it is a year-round item that you can make a profit from in any season and in many locations. You can position the popcorn cart in your store to attract passer-bys, or if your location allows, you can place it outside the door to better attract customers.  The smell will sell your product and while your customer is waiting for a fresh bag of popcorn, most will purchase additional items that you can feature as add-ons.

Choosing the Right Popcorn Cart

Whether you love meeting people or making people happy with delicious treats, you will want to find the right popcorn cart to purchase.  Some are smaller in size and they may easily fit on the back counter of a cash wrap.  Others may be larger in size and they may require a little muscle to move them around your store.  Keep in mind the capacity of the popping machine when choosing.  Some retailers will start with a smaller capacity machine and make more batches throughout the day.  If your store is located in a high traffic area, a larger capacity machine may be a better option.

If you plan to move your popcorn machine around or need to have it as a stand-alone piece, don’t forget to consider the cost of the cart for your machine.  Many popcorn machines have matching carts.  These carts offer you storage for supplies and help make the machine moveable.

Don’t Forget the Supplies

When purchasing your popcorn cart, you should also remember to purchase your supplies right away.  When your popcorn cart arrives, you will want to set it up and start making popcorn right away.  You may need to consider popcorn kernels, oil, seasonings, and bags or other containers.  Most popcorn machines use prepackaged popcorn and oil.  They are easily emptied into the heated kettle and within minutes fills the cart with that amazing popcorn smell.  There is also a wide selection of seasonings, so you can offer your customers new and exciting flavors to keep them coming back.

Acrylic Cosmetic Displays used in Candy Stores

Step Risers

The trick to an eye-catching display is using your imagination and sometimes repurposing display fixtures that you already have.  Just because a display rack came to you with merchandise that is long since sold out, doesn’t mean you can’t re-use it to display something different, such as candy.  Acrylic Cosmetic Displays offer many options for alternative inventory display opportunities.

Acrylic cups that are most often used to display make up pencils make great display options for stick candies.  The acrylic cups come in single or together in a unit that can be placed on a counter top or hung on pegboard or slatwall.  Imagine displaying your stick candy by flavor on a wall.  The display takes up minimal space but allows your customers to clearly see the colors and flavors of the candy sticks.

Acrylic trays also come in countertop and wall mount units.  Acrylic cosmetic trays offer a variety of size compartments that work with packaged candy as well.  Take the popular candy, Pop Rocks.  They are sold in smaller envelopes that fit ideally in the trays.  Sometimes the cardboard display packages that pre-packaged candy comes in fall apart within a short amount of time.  Acrylic cosmetic trays are a more permanent option and offer a clean appearance to your displays.

Acrylic Nail Polish holders come in a couple styles.  One style that would make a great display for push pops or spray candy is the 2-tiered 16 compartment cosmetic display.  You could simply arrange the push pops by flavor and replenish the unit when the candy sells down.  Other option for spray candy is an Acrylic Tiered Rotating Counter Display -With Dividers.

Sometimes candy retailers want to set their gourmet candy bars out from the rest of the ordinary candy bars displayed in the store.  Using an Acrylic Step Display allows the retailer to display the variety of flavors and the packaging to the consumer.  Some candy bar packaging is quite beautiful and the use of an acrylic step display allows that artwork to be featured and draw in the customer.  Acrylic Step Displays work beautifully at a checkout counter or atop a glass candy case.

Acrylic Cosmetic Displays are quite versatile for retailers, but are also useful in salons, the home, or office.  Take a look at what you want to organize and consider the use of an Acrylic Cosmetic Display.  They are most often very cost effective storage and display options.


Acrylic Podiums

Acrylic Podiums

A Podium is Useful at a Graduation Ceremony

Clear acrylic podiums have many uses in addition to being helpful at graduation ceremonies, presentations or award ceremonies that are conducted at schools and businesses. A speaker enjoys having a sturdy stand to lean on while giving a long speech because they are nervous or have notes to place on top. Anyone watching television shows where actors or singers are receiving accolades for the best movie or song has seen how the stands are created in a variety of gorgeous designs with straight lines or curves to add interest without being overbearing. There are great reasons to choose see-through acrylic stands instead of wood grain or opaque plastic ones.

Televised Award Shows Have a Podium

Many organizers of award or presentation ceremonies want to have clear acrylic podiums because the lecterns permit seeing the outfit a presenter is wearing. At popular televised shows with female speakers, award winners or presenters, the women frequently wear highly styled gowns and jewelry that everyone wants to see. Alternatively, a see-through stand does not take away from a stage’s intricate design while a performance is going on at the same time. Conductors at musical performances prefer clear acrylic podiums turned away from the audience to hold sheets of composition in front of them. Because the stand is almost invisible, audience members can see the musicians and instruments easily.  

Professors Enjoy Having a Lectern

Beautifully designed acrylic lecterns are often used as pulpits in cathedrals, churches and synagogues to hold religious materials such as books or written sermons to permit people to still see other items in the building. Alternatively, a lectern is popular at universities and colleges for professors to use while giving lectures to students in large classrooms. Museums requiring a place to display artifacts such as old books, scraps of vellum or flat artwork might select to use a specially designed stand that is enclosed inside a viewing case. With the correct configurations, the clear stand makes it possible for visitors in a museum to see an artifact’s intricate details easily.  

A Podium can provide a Decorative Element

Depending on the size of the space where clear acrylic podiums are used, the devices can have accessories such as microphones, lights or shelves. A shelf is great for placing decorative objects or flowers to provide a decorative element in a room. The ability to attach a light is useful in dark rooms where a presenter needs to read material placed on the top while a microphone helps everyone to hear the speaker. Look for acrylic podiums in these places:

  • Religious institutions
  • Universities and high schools
  • Museums and art studios
  • Concert halls
  • Performance stages



Cardboard Displays Offer Flexibility

Cardboard 4

When it comes to visual merchandising, some shop owners don’t even think of using cardboard displays.  They imagine of corrugated displays conjure the thought that they will be placing their items in cardboard boxes and hoping that they sell.  Actually, there are many different cardboard styles available to create a cost effective and appealing display.  Today, cardboard displays are sturdy, offer flexibility and are often eco-friendly.

One of the most popular cardboard options is the large dump bin. This bin is simply a large, open space that can be used to feature a wide variety of different products. They are perfect for setting out extra inventory as clearance or they look great when they are filled up with novelty items for a particular holiday.

The ten-tier floor display is an option that can be used in nearly any type of store.  In most cases, convenience stores use them for items such as greeting cards, books, and magazines. However, a creative merchandiser will find that this unit has a lot of space to display a variety of small items for purchase.

The six-pocket floor display can also be used for many different products, but it certainly works best when it is used to sell candy. When the pockets are filled with various types of brightly colored candy, they instantly draw in the eye of the customer. The bins are even tilted back to make access easier for anyone who is interested in looking.

Cardboard 2There has been a lot of attention focused on sustainability in retail display options and packaging.  Cardboard displays offer retailers that are “green” conscious, the ability to recycle their display after it has served its’ purpose and life cycle.  Most cardboard displays are sturdy enough to provide point-of-sale display options for multiple seasons, however, high volume stores will see that their cardboard displays will last for only a promotion or two.

Cardboard displays are a great option for many stores because they are relatively.  For the cost of one permanent display, a retailer could utilize 3 or 4 cardboard displays.  This offers retailers flexibility, especially in smaller retail spaces.  Cardboard displays are also a great option for retailers that require portability in the displays.

There are many different styles to choose from and each one works best with a different type of product. They areCardboard 3 easy to assemble and very durable, so every shop owner can use them with confidence.  They are not just for manufacturers who provide a display with purchase of merchandise, they are for everyone.

6 Reasons to Love Bulk Nuts

Bulk Nuts

If you are looking to add a healthy alternative to your bulk candy offering, bulk nuts and seeds can help drive consumers who are looking for fresh, healthy alternatives to their snacking.

The healthy attributes of bulk nuts has increased the demand on growers as well as cause retailers to expand their inventory in the confectionery industry.  The health benefits consumers are excited about has created a retail boom in bulk nut sales.  In a recent survey, 76 percent of consumers consider nuts to be healthy snacks, and 80 percent say foods described as high in protein have more health value.

  1. Walnuts – eating a ¼ cup daily could inhibit the onset and progression of Alzheimer’s disease, according to research at the New York Institute for Basic Research in Developmental Disabilities. The study shows that the high antioxidant and polyunsaturated fat levels in walnut extract are effective in reducing oxidative stress and brain tissue inflammation characteristics of the disease.
  2. One ounce of Almonds adds 13 essential nutrients to a diet, including 4 grams of fiber, 6 grams of protein and vitamin E. Best yet, almonds have been associated with reduced risks of cancer and other major diseases through their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  3. In addition to being a good source of potassium, magnesium, and phytochemicals, pistachios also containPistachios lutein and anthocyanin. Having a handful of pistachios daily could reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and lower cholesterol.
  4. Cashews are a source of copper for healthy skin and hair, magnesium for strong bones and dietary fiber. They are also rich in cancer-fighting proanthocyanidins.
  5. Peanuts contain more than 30 essential vitamins and minerals and are high in protein and unsaturated fats. Eating peanuts can decrease the risk of heart disease, reduce hunger and protect cells from oxidative stress.
  6. Hazelnuts and almonds are gluten-free and can be eaten by gluten-sensitive, wheat-allergic and celiac disease consumers.

Retail NutsWith bulk nuts being such nutritional gold mines and scientific research suggesting their health benefits, retailers and consumers are increasingly putting a bigger demand on manufacturers and growers.  Retailers must be patient with the pricing and availability as growers try to adjust to consumer demand.  Although there are challenges in the availability, growers and manufacturers are partnering for better partnerships in short and long term production needs.


Source:  Candy & Snack Today, November/December 2014