NFL Football 2016

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NFL Football Season 2016 – 17

Are you ready for some football? Are you ready for the next 26 weeks of nothing but your Sunday’s, Monday and Thursday nights to be consumed of touchdowns, penalty flags, and nail-biting finishes? Show off your diehard fan side to your customers, family, and friends. It’s time to get off the sidelines and get your store lined, suited up and ready to go.

It’s countdown time for the all-weather sport of NFL Football. Preseason has already begun to show us some promising players and super talented rookies that you know will definitely be raising some eyebrows. So retailer’s “Let’s Get Ready for Some Football.” It’s time to get your retail display racks and store in tip top shape for the many fans of NFL Football. Exhibit those divisional jerseys, hats, t-shirts, and more. Show those players your support.

Whether you’re an AFC or NFC division follower, welcome all football fans alike. Create an unforgettable display like no other and be the talk of the town.

In this blog Candy Concepts Inc, has made a few suggestions on easy and effective displays like the following:

  • Garment Racks
  • Mannequins
  • Pegboard Display
  • Triangle Grid Display

NFL Retail Display RackGarment Racks are a way of showing off clothing in all styles, colors, shapes, and forms. This 4-Way Garment Rack with 4 Slanted Arms allows more of your clothing to be seen because of the waterfall effect on the slanted arms. The display rack is available in either black or chrome so you can choose which best fits your décor needs. The height of this garment rack is adjustable along with the arms. They extend at the touch of a button three-inch increments. Add a variety of NFL football jerseys to this very durable clothing stand and place in a high traffic area. Score high on sales for the day.

Football Mobile Grid DisplayIn addition to the above garment rack, also try our Mobile Triangle Grid Display. This steel constructed grid display comes in three color choices: black, white, and chrome. It is easy to assemble and includes three locking casters. So when you are ready to refresh your establishment, it’s easy to move this portable garment display throughout your store. Not only hang NFL t-shirts, jerseys, pants and more but also add grid shelving for other NFL products like mugs, slippers, hats, gloves and more. Possibilities are endless! Here is yet another awesome eye-catching idea for displaying football gear in your store. Score those extra points with this clothing display rack.

Football Jersey DisplaysMannequins and Fashion Forms allow the spotlight only to be on the merchandise itself. Catch the attention of your customers as they walk by and make them take notice that football season is here and you are ready for them. Depending on the area you are in, display that Miami Dolphins or Buffalo Bills jersey. There are a wide variety of mannequins and fashion forms to choose from. Plastic mannequins come in three sizes; child, teen and adult, which is ideal for family displays. Some fashion forms go from just upper torso to full-size forms. Depending on your display needs choose which mannequin and fashion form best suits your needs. Check out all the various types and sizes at Candy Concepts Inc.

Spinning Fiootball Gear RackSpin into action with the Mobile Pegboard Pinwheel Spinner. Advertise and sell NFL team hats, lanyards, keychains, coffee mugs and more with this spinning merchandise display fixture. This pegboard spinner display has four pegboard panels that form a pinwheel, comes in 11 different colors with a silver metal base and wheels. It is easy to assemble and compatible with a variety of pegboard hook sizes and accessories. Add an optional pegboard sign and take a chance on getting this display noticed even better. Impulse items, new merchandise, and apparel accessories are ideal for displaying on this eye-catching and attractive display fixture. Go long and score those extra points every time. Take time out and check us out today!

Speaking of time out, is it half-time? Set up your personal concession stand or help raise money for your child’s football team for equipment, uniforms and especially travel ball.

Moms and Dads ever thought of having your own concession stand at home? Get your team moms and team dads together early and earn some money for your Saturday morning mighty mites uniforms and equipment. Double check to see if approval is needed from your city or local school boards before doing this unless you only plan to use for neighborhood functions. Below is a list of a few items you will need, equipment wise, for Jamborees, Peewee leagues, neighborhood festivals and more:

  • Dog Pound Hot Dog Steamer/Stand
  • Chili and Cheese Warmer
  • Nacho/Peanut/Popcorn Machine
  • Condiment Station
  • Cash Registers

Football Concession EquipmentPopular fast foods for everyone at concession stands are popcorn, nachos, and peanuts. Our 70 Quart Food Warmer is ideal for these delicious snacks. It includes the interchangeable graphics for which you wish to serve and keeps your product fresh and warm for hours. It has easy to clean surfaces, just wipe with a damp cloth. Sturdy stainless steel and aluminum frame with tempered glass side panels. Sneak in that surprise play for the win and set at eye level for customers to see and create an impulse urge to buy.

Do you like your buns warm while eating your hot dog? Check out our Dog Pound Hot Dog Steamer/Merchandiser! This hot dog merchandiser is able to tackle the hungriest players ever. It steams and holds up to 164 hot dogs while warms at least 36 buns at the same time. Includes a divided hot dog tray that allows different sized hot dogs and sausages simultaneously. An adjustable thermostat makes it easy for all cooking needs and holding conditions too. Graphics on the front and back allow for either front or rear counter merchandising. It is easy to clean with the removable trays and doors which are also dishwasher safe.

Football CondimentsWe have the hot dogs set, now let’s get our condiments arranged. Some people like plain hot dogs but most Americans want all the toppings available. Create an All-in-One Condiment Station Dispenser, constructed of heavy gauge stainless steel. This dispenser includes two color-coded pump wells that will fit 1.5-gallon cans or 3-quart stainless steel jars. Each pump dispenses approximately one ounce per stroke of ketchup and mustard. The inset well is insulated and includes two cold packs and three, nine-inch size 4” deep inset pans. Keep your condiments cool and fresh for extended periods of time. Slotted openings in the clear hinged lids for serving utensils like ladles, spoons, or forks.

Don’t forget the Chili and Cheese Warmer! Ideal for your hot dogs and nachos! This dual purpose warmer is designed specifically for chili and cheese. It includes two hinged lids and two long three ounce ladles for easy to serve portions. It also includes a covered master switch and an adjustable thermostat for all your cooking conditions. This chili / cheese warmer is ideal toppings for foods like hot dogs, nachos, fries and more. The pans, ladles, lids and adapter plate are all removable and dishwasher safe too.

Sales Receipts for FootballLast but not least, time to score the winning touchdown and reel in those sales numbers with store equipment like our Casio T280 Cash Register. Simple and easy to use for almost anyone. Offers three payment methods: cash, check or charge. Program in two different tax tables: one for food items and non-food items. Lock up the cash drawer while you are not present and also includes a look-up and error alarm. If more than one person is using this cash register, you can track up to eight clerks. Customers are able to view the prices on the other side of the register as well. Great for security for both you and the consumer.

NFL Football is vastly approaching. Fans can smell it in the air. Let’s see if your favorite team can handle it this year. Who will win AFC or NFC? Who will be Superbowl bound? Football fans cheer loud and proud!

Good Luck Players and Coaches

Play Hard, Rest Well

2016 NBA Finals

2016 NBA Finals HeaderAlright all you basketball fanatics and sports junkies out there, who’s it going be? Are the 2016 NBA Finals champions going to be the Westerners or Easterners this year? Will it be the Golden State Warriors, the Cleveland Cavaliers, or is another team going to sneak in as the underdogs? I can feel the excitement building from within and the anticipation is rising. No matter who it may be, may the best team win. In just a few more weeks we will find out the answers to these questions. Time for the nail biting, and the pacing begin.

Retailer owners, moms and dads, husbands and wives, it’s time to put your game faces on and get ready for the big game. Let’s jump into action and get started. It’s time to create a show stopping display that makes basketball fans jump to their feet with joy no matter what side of the hoops they’re on. Time for jersey sales to rise, team t-shirts to increase because the fans want to show their support for their team. So get your displays in tiptop shape and let Candy Concepts guide you towards finer display fixtures that are user friendly and have your customer’s in mind.

T-Shirt DisplayT-Shirts and souvenirs’ are a hot commodity during the playoffs and championship games. Incorporate a display fixture that offers easy access to the products, visually see the product of your choice, a rack that is portable and spins so you can see the product on all four sides, and visually see how many are in stock. I am speaking of our attractive Revolving T-shirt Display. This display fixture comes in a very attractive maple, black, or cherry finish that will only compliment your store’s décor even more. This t-shirt display has four sides with five cubicle shelves and a display frame to show you what is stored in that particular shelf. Hey wanting to freshen up the appearance of your store a little, it’s easy with this fixture because it comes with locking casters. So if you don’t like how it looks where it’s at just move to where you do. Simple as that.

Tee Shirt Grid Wall FramsAre you a collector of famous player’s jerseys or collect autographed t-shirts? Our Tee-shirt Grid Frame Display is just what you need to show off your collection. This 12×12 square frame is steel constructed and in the color black. This t-shirt display is also ideal for retailers highlighting new clothing merchandise in other areas throughout the store, especially in your sporting section. Parents if you are looking to give a once in a lifetime jersey gift, frame it with this. Create a wall of superstars and superheroes with this very attractive frame display. Use for cartoon characters in the children’s rooms if you’re doing some redecorating too.

Advertise those team basketball jerseys with pride on one of many various types of form mannequins Candy Mannequin FormsConcepts has to offer. Choose from male or female figures on adjustable stands, half torso sizes, and headless form with a hand on the hip or a female mannequin with your choice to have the bent arm on the left or right side. Mannequin forms also come in infants and toddler sizes too. Various materials and colors are also offered in certain adult sized mannequins. Too many to mention so come and check out our selections online at

Double Sided Ball Cap DisplayBaseball caps are unisex and popular with both guys and girls no matter what age they are. It’s not easy to keep them organized in the closet unless you have a master plan to build a special closet or you’re a genius and artistic and have created a way to keep them organized. Here is a great way to display them, store them, and have easy access to each one of them. Try our 12-Tier Double Sided Cap Tower. This cap tower can be used for your retail business or for personal reasons. It can hold up to 240 caps at one time, keeps the shape of the hat, and clearly see your logo’s displayed. This is ideal for all you cap collectors out there.  The base is weighted so you don’t have to worry about this tower tipping over. Just remember to tip your hat to the ladies though fella’s. If you’re looking for something smaller we do carry counter top cap displays as well.

Have a place to keep all those basketballs or other awkward sports equipment in one place? This Large Capacity Large Capacity Dump TableDump Table has an adjustable bottom so you can adjust for larger bulkier merchandise or in this case a bunch of basketballs. This large wire bin is portable and the heavy duty wheels are lockable. Retailers, once basketball season is over either use as an impulse cart or simply fold it up and put away until next time. It’s as easy as that. Mom’s and Dad’s, this can also be used at home for toys n’ such. Move it around throughout the house or in the garage. You may even find it useful for other storage purposes.

2016 NBA Finals 6 Cube Display6 Cube Wire Step System could be called a multi-purpose display. It could be used for the kid’s room to help organize toys, clothes, games or at the office for books and memorabilia. I personally see it as helping me with keep my shoes, clothes, or my sports equipment organized. It’s lightweight and simple to put together. Use the “S” hooks to put in various display shapes like three on top of three or do a step ladder, one then two then three cubes. Your choice, so get creative with them, add a little color to the display. Use in college dorms, or as a retail display with books, plants and more.

And last but not least one of my all-time favorites, CHOCOLATE! A splendid idea for any retailer 2016 NBA Finals Solid Chocolate Basketballsestablishment is to have impulse candy at their checkout lines. It would be great to keep up with the ongoing sport, holiday, season coinciding with your candy display. “Hey NBA Finals are coming up add Candy Concepts Solid Milk Chocolate Basketballs wrapped in foil wrapping.” The mesh bag with the candy inside reminds me of what the coach and the ball boy/girl has to carry around at the games. Purchase your solid basketball chocolates by bulk in either in 5 or 10 pound increments. Ideal for parties, birthday parties, party favor treat bags, and more. Some have used them to decorate cakes and cupcakes. So if you have a real sports enthusiast in the family then check us out, Candy Concepts offers other similar sports chocolates and candies as well.

Display fixtures are an important part of your retail establishment. Choosing the right display for your store can attract more customers or hinder you from gaining more of them. So allow us here at Candy Concepts Inc. to help you in making the right choices in choosing the best retail displays that offer top-notch quality and reasonably priced. So no matter what side you are cheering for in the NBA Finals Championship Game, enjoy the excitement, have fun with family and friends at your basketball championship party. May the best team win! I did a pole with friends and family and it was unanimous, they seem to think the reigning champs from last year are going to win again and be champs again this year. But only time will tell.2016 NBA Finals Good Luck Farewell